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Acceptable Documents for HAZMAT Endorsement


To be eligible for a HAZMAT endorsement, you must provide documentation to show proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status, as specified in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Section 383.71.

You must present documentation as follows:

  1. Either one document from List A, OR
  2. One document from both List B AND List C.

NOTE: Plastic Birth Registration Cards, whether issued by Virginia or another state, are not acceptable.

Option 1 - One Document From List A

List A

  • Unexpired U.S. Passport (book or card)
  • Unexpired Merchant Mariner Document (MMD)
  • Unexpired Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Card
  • Unexpired NEXUS Card
  • Unexpired Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) Card
  • Unexpired United States Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)
  • Unexpired Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)
  • Unexpired Permanent Resident Card (I-551) - often referred to as a "Green Card"
  • Unexpired Foreign Passport AND immigrant visa with I-551 annotation of "Upon Endorsement Serves as Temporary I-551 Evidencing Permanent Residence of 1 Year"
  • Unexpired Re-entry Permit (I-327)

Option 2 - One Document From Both List B and List C

List B - Valid Photo ID

  • Unexpired driver's license issued by a State or outlying possession of the United States
  • Unexpired ID card issued by a State or outlying possession of the United States. Must include a State or State agency seal or logo (such as a State University ID)
  • U.S. military ID card or U.S. retired military ID
  • U.S. military dependent's card
  • Native American tribal document (with photo)
  • Unexpired Merchant Mariner License (MML) bearing an official raised seal, or a certified copy
  • Unexpired Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Unexpired Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)

List C - Valid Proof of Citizenship

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, municipal authority, or outlying possession of the United States bearing an official seal
  • U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or 561)
  • U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or 570)
  • U. S. Citizen Identification Card (I-179 or I-197)
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240)
  • Certification of Report of Birth Abroad (DS-1350 or FS-545)
  • Expired U.S. passport (within 12 months of expiration). The expired passport must be presented with one of the following: (* and a proof of name change document, if needed)
    • A second document from List B
    • Voter's registration card
    • U.S. social security card
    • U.S. military discharge papers (DD-214)
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card

* Valid proof of name change must be an original or certified copy of a Court Ordered Name Change Document, which includes marriage certificates and divorce decrees, if the names on your photo ID and citizenship status documents do not exactly match.