Obtaining a Replacement License

Why Get a Replacement License?

If your driver's license or learner's permit is lost, stolen, damaged, or mutilated, you will need to obtain a replacement. You may also choose to replace your driver's license to change your address, change organ donor status, update the photograph on your license or learner's permit, or replace your Social Security Number with a DMV-assigned customer number.

If the expiration date on your license is less than one year away, you may choose to renew your driver's license instead of replacing it.

Removing the Vision Restriction

If you must wear glasses or contact lenses when you drive, your driver's license will show a vision restriction. To have the vision restriction removed after having LASIK surgery to correct your vision, you must either:

DMV will process your request and send you a replacement license by mail with the vision restriction removed.

Replacement Fee

The cost to obtain a replacement license is $20.

Obtaining a Replacement License Online

You may obtain a replacement driver's license online and save $1 UNLESS:

Replace Now

If you obtain a replacement online, DMV will use the photograph on your existing license. If you would like a new photo on your license, please visit one of our customer service centers.

Obtaining a Replacement License at a Customer Service Center

To obtain a replacement driver's license or learner's permit at one of our customer service centers, you must :

A new photo will be required.

If you currently hold both a driver's license and a photo ID, you will be required to surrender your photo ID card before you can receive a replacement license.