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Class B Driver Training School Application Process

Before You Apply

  • Review legislation pertaining to driver training schools at Va Code § Chapter 17
  • Contact the DMV Driver Training Work Center at or (804) 367-7050 to have the name of your school approved. DMV will verify that the name that you have chosen for your school is not the same or similar to the name of a current or former school or a school with an application pending at DMV. Driver training school regulations prohibit schools from using the same or similar name of another current or former school or similar business or of using names considered offensive in nature.
  • Review the Class B Driver Training School Contract Requirements (DTS 35) which lists the requirements for the customer contract/agreement form.
  • Obtain a local business license OR provide a letter from your locality stating that a business license is not required.

Submitting the Licensing Application

To apply, you must submit:

  • A Class B School License Application (DTS 33B)
  • A Surety Bond Affidavit and Acknowledgement of Surety (DTS 22) for a surety bond in the amount of $5,000
  • A copy of the customer contract/agreement form
  • A Vehicle Insurance Certification (DTS 5) for each vehicle. Vehicles cannot be more than 9 model years old and must be equipped with safety equipment that meets regulatory safety requirements.
  • Proof of a local business license or the letter from your locality stating that a business license is not required.
  • A national criminal history record. Information about how to apply for a national criminal history record is at the bottom of this page.
    • Payment

    • The initial payment of an annual fee of $100.00

    Payment can be made:

    • By check or charge by mail, or by faxing in the DTS 101.
    • Electronically through the online “Payment Portal”. Once licensing application documents are received and processing is completed, applicants will receive an email explaining how to activate the account.

    The Payment Portal offers a safe and convenient way to make online payments for licensing and other fees. Select Log In for more information:

    Log In

    Applying to Become a Class B Driving School Instructor

    NOTE: All driving schools must employ at least one instructor.

    In order to become licensed as a Class B driving school instructor, you must:

    • Be employed by a driver training school
    • Possess at least a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Hold a valid driver's license
    • Have a minimum of five years driving experience.
    • Maintain a driving record of no more than 6 demerit points.
    • Submit an Instructor License Application (DTS 34B) signed by your employer (the driving training owner/manager)
    • Provide a national criminal history record. Information about how to apply for a national criminal history record is at the bottom of this page.
    • Pay a $50.00 fee
    • Provide one of the following:
      • A certified copy of a transcript from an accredited college/university showing completion of 3 semester hours of "Introduction to Driver Education: Driver Task Analysis" and 3 semester hours of "Instructional Principles of Teaching Driver Education", or
      • A valid Virginia teaching license with a driver education endorsement, or
      • Proof of twenty years' service either as a traffic enforcement officer with patrol experience with a local police department or as a law enforcement officer who (i) has retired or resigned while in good standing from such department, (ii) was certified through a criminal justice training academy, and (iii) has been certified to teach driver training by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

    National Criminal History Record

    A national criminal history record, otherwise known as an identity history summary check, must be submitted with your application or received in our office no later than 60 days from the date of the application submission for each individual (principal owner/manager and instructor) or otherwise employed by or managing the school.

    We recommend that you apply for your national criminal history record at least 120 days prior to submitting your application to minimize the risk of not receiving it on time. To find out more, refer to the FBI's Identity History Summary Checks or telephone (804) 625-5590.