Applying For A Disabled Parking Placard or License Plate

To apply for a disabled parking placard or license plate, you must complete and submit a completed Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application (MED 10). You can submit your application either:

Cost of Disabled Placards and Plates

Temporary and permanent placards for citizens cost $5. With the required certification, a person with a valid, unexpired license plate may obtain the International Symbol of Access at no additional charge.

Disability Certification Requirements

Your application for a temporary or permanent disabled parking placard or license plate must include a certification of your disability from your physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, podiatrist, or chiropractor. Podiatrists and chiropractors may only certify for the conditions or disabilities listed in the certification section provided for podiatrists and chiropractors on the MED 10 form. Refer to the Certification table on the MED 10 to determine the medical professional authorized to certify your allowable condition.

Certification Exceptions:
A certification from a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, podiatrist, or chiropractor is not required if:

Institutional/Organizational Plates

Organizations wishing to obtain disabled placards or plates must present an Institutional/Organizational Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application (MED 11). This application must include a certification that the vehicle is registered in the name of the institution/organization and used routinely to transport citizens with disabilities.

Special Information for Veterans

If you are applying for a disabled veteran's license plate with the International Symbol of Access, you must present the License Plate Application (VSA 10) and either:

Veterans with a qualifying disability are exempt from annual registration fees and are entitled to plates for one motor vehicle that is owned and used personally by the veteran.

Placard Delivery Status

You may determine the delivery status of your placard using the Disabled Placard Delivery Status transaction.