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Restricted Driving Privilege - Court Fines and Costs

If you are unable to pay court fines and costs and your Virginia driving privileges become suspended, you may petition the court (or courts) that suspended your driving privileges for an authorization to obtain driving privileges. Each court will require that you present a DMV driver transcript and compliance summary when petitioning for the authorization. In addition, the court will require that you provide proof of employment.

If your driving privilege has been suspended by multiple jurisdictions for failure to pay court fines and costs, you must petition each court for an authorization for restricted driving privileges. Each court will independently decide the length of time you may have restricted driving privileges, up to 6 months, and which restrictions will be placed on your credential. If multiple jurisdictions grant authorizations, DMV will only recognize matching restrictions authorized by the courts.

Once the suspending courts grant authorizations for restricted driving privileges, you will not be able to drive until you bring the authorizations to DMV and obtain a restricted credential. If you have no other outstanding requirements, DMV will process your authorization, collect the reinstatement fee, and issue your restricted credential.

Restricted driving privileges are not allowed for commercial drivers.