Fuels Tax Refunds

Fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, blended fuel, alternative fuel and aviation fuel) that are purchased in Virginia and used for specific purposes, may be eligible for a refund of all or part of the Virginia motor fuels tax that was paid. Refund applications must be received by DMV within twelve months of the date that the fuel was purchased. For the applicable fuels tax rates, refer to Fuels Tax Rates.

Fuels receipts and other documents are required for first time refund applicants, except those applicants submitting diesel vehicle refund claims. All applicants are required to maintain records to support their refund claim for a period of four years. DMV may request the fuel receipts and other documents to support your refund claim at any time. (VA Code § 58.1-2261) Failure to provide such supporting documents upon request may result in the denial or reversal of your refund claim(s). Photocopies, scanned copies or other electronic images of the invoices/receipts are acceptable, as long as they can be provided to DMV when requested and are legible.

Types of Refunds

Virginia Motor Fuel law lists fuel uses eligible for refund. A few categories of fuel uses that may be eligible for refunds are listed below. To view the full list of eligible categories, refer to Fuel Uses Eligible for Refunds.

Requirement for Receipts

First time refund applicants; except applicants submitting diesel vehicle refund claims, are required to submit fuel receipts/tickets/invoices to DMV with their claim. There are also certain refund types that require the fuel receipts/invoices or other supporting documents to be submitted with the refund claim. The refund system will prompt users when this information is required. If you submit a paper form, the instructions on the back indicate when supporting documents are required to be submitted.

Applicants must retain the fuel receipts, paid ticket, invoice, or other documents to support the information on the application for a period of four years in case of an investigation. (VA Code § 58.1-2261) All applications for fuels tax refunds require the applicant to certify the validity and accuracy of the contents submitted. All fuel receipts must contain the following information:

NOTE: Credit card receipts must also contain the required information listed above.

Completing the Application

To receive a larger refund, accumulate fuel receipts and apply for the total gallons of your accumulated receipts. Tax rates in Virginia may fluctuate every six months therefore the refund period must be separated for each six-month period (January - June and July - December) to ensure refunds are paid at the correct rate. The fuel receipts must not exceed twelve months from the date the refund claim is received by DMV.

You may submit your application for a fuels tax refund by mail or online; however, the preferred method is online through the Fuel Tax Refund System. Online submission allows you to submit and track the status of your refund(s) at your convenience and reduces processing time so that you will receive your refund sooner than if submitted by mail.

Applications submitted by mail should be sent to:

Additional Information

For additional information about fuels tax refunds, visit Fuels Tax Refunds FAQs or contact us.