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Overload Permits

Overload permits may be purchased to allow certain motor vehicles to extend their weight limitations by 5% as specified on the permit.


An overload permit authorizes a 5% weight extension for:

  • Single axle weight limit of 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axle weight limit of 34,000 pounds, and
  • Gross weight limit based on the axle spacing and number of axles of the vehicle.

In no case shall the permit allow a vehicle or combination of vehicles to exceed a gross weight of 84,000 pounds.

Overload permits are valid only on Virginia state roads. They are not valid on interstate highways.

Vehicle Qualifications

Vehicles issued an overload permit must have a gross weight greater than 7,500 pounds.

Overload permits can be issued to vehicles titled and registered in Virginia and to vehicles registered out of state.

Validity Period

Overload permits may be issued on an annual, multi-year, or quarterly basis.

Overload permits expire at the same time that the vehicle registration expires. Multi-year overload permits are not allowed for vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. These vehicles must provide DMV with annual proof of payment of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT).

Overload permits for local, state or federal agencies are always issued for two years and no fees are charged.

Permit Application

Application for an Overload Permit (VSA-145)

Overload Permit Cost

The annual fee for a 5% Overload Permit is $250. Permits may be purchased at the time of registration or between registration renewal periods at a pro-rated fee.

Farm vehicles pay half the fee for overload permits.

In addition to the 5% overload permit issued by DMV, motor vehicles transporting Virginia-grown forest or farm products from the place of production, harvesting, cutting, or felling to a location where they are first processed may receive an additional 5% extension on applicable weight limits. This additional extension:

  • Is applicable to Virginia state (non-federal) highways only
  • Does not authorize a gross weight exceeding 84,000 pounds
  • Does not authorize an extension of axle or gross weight limitations, regardless of axle spacing, on interstate highways.


For additional information or to apply for an overload permit:

  • Send us an email
  • Visit one of our customer service centers
  • Mail your questions or application to:
    • Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Motor Carrier Services
    • P. O. Box 27412
    • Richmond, VA 23269-0001
  • Call:
    • (804) 249-5130 (voice)
    • (804) 367-1073 (FAX)
    • (800) 272-9268 (deaf or hearing impaired only).