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Contract Bus Carrier

Type of Operation

Contract Bus Carrier


A person who contracts to transport groups of passengers using only charter buses and who charges a group fee.

Charter Bus - a motor vehicle manufactured with a minimum seating capacity of 32 passengers or more, excluding the driver.

Authority Document


Operating Requirements

  • This certificate authorizes your operations only in Virginia.
  • You are limited to operating charter buses only (see definition above).
  • The trip must be PREARRANGED under a contract made with a group through a representative of the group.
  • Even if the trip lasts less than one hour:
    • the contract cannot be for less than a one-hour time period, and
    • no other group(s) may be transported during the timeframe of the contract.
  • You must carry a copy of the contract or trip sheet on the bus during the trip.
  • The contract or trip sheet must contain the:
    • name of the group being transported, and
    • origin and destination of the trip, and
    • date and approximate pick up time.
  • The contract or trip sheet must be:
    • maintained at your place of business for three years, and
    • made immediately available to any of the following upon request: a.) DMV b.) law enforcment c.) airport authority.
  • This type of certificate may be transferred by filing a certificate application (form OA150) with DMV, to be completed by both the transferor and transferee. The certificate must be in an active status.
  • The number of this certificate must appear in any advertisement for this service.
  • Advertisements for your services may not contain untrue, misleading, or deceptive information.

Tariff and Time Schedule Requirements


Insurance Requirements

$5,000,000 - Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Bond Requirements

You must keep a $25,000 surety bond or letter of credit on file with DMV's Motor Carrier Services for three years from the date your operating authority certificate is issued. Refer to Passenger Carrier and Passenger Broker Bond (form OA435) or the Passenger Irrevocable Letter of Credit (form OA447).

Registration and License Plate Requirements

Registration and License Plate Requirements

License Plates: For-Hire license plates

Vehicle Registration: Must be registered as for-hire

Operating Authority Registration: Non-apportioned (not IRP registered) Vehicles - The operating authority information will be displayed on the vehicle registration card when the for-hire license plates are issued.


$50 filing fee

$3 Operating Authority Registration fee per vehicle

$3 for a duplicate certificate

Miscellaneous Requirements

Address Change - You must report any new address to DMV's Motor Carriers Services within 30 days.

Discontinuing Service - If you go out of business or stop providing the service authorized, you must notify DMV in writing within 30 days.