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DMV Law Enforcement Division

DMV Law Enforcement may be contacted by phone at (804) 367-1678 or by email at, or by submitting a General Complaint (form LE-22).

For issues unrelated to Law-Enforcement matters, please refer to the agency Contact Information.

The DMV Law Enforcement Division is composed of three sections:

Field Investigations

Field Investigations' primary role is to protect the integrity of credentials issued by DMV to the public through enforcement of laws and regulations specific to motor vehicle titling and driver licensing. Field Investigations special agents are charged with investigating crimes associated with identity and DMV credentials. These investigations can involve lone offenders or complex criminal organizations. Field Investigations law enforcement officers often partner with local and federal agencies, participating in task forces created to combat identity fraud, vehicle theft and public corruption.

This unit is also responsible for working with the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) to regulate activities of automobile vehicle dealers of both new and used vehicles. DMV special agents often partner with MVDB representatives to identify and address instances of individuals and businesses operating without the required license.

Field Investigations special agents also conduct internal investigations involving agency personnel.

DMV special agents have offices inside the customer service centers where they respond immediately to concerns, such as individuals who attempt to pass counterfeit documents. Their presence serves not only to deter attempts of criminal activity, but also to facilitate partnerships with DMV customer service representatives as a first line defense in the detection of fraudulent documents and apprehension of offenders.

Field Investigations agents also are charged with enforcing the Virginia Code section intended to protect Virginia consumers from unsafe vehicles and vehicle fraud arising from the illegal sale of vehicles without the required business and motor vehicle dealer licenses, safety inspections, warranties, titling, or taxes. This statute also protects licensed motor vehicle dealers from unfair and illegal competition and ensures that the state and localities collect appropriate revenues.

Field Investigation activities include investigations into:

  • Driver license and title fraud
  • Odometer fraud
  • Misuse of dealer plates and temporary tags
  • Curbstoning
  • Sales and use tax evasion
  • Motor vehicle theft
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Field Operations

Field Operations is responsible for compliance with and enforcement of DMV laws that pertain to commercial transportation, motor fuels tax, the automobile salvage industry, and the integrity of titles produced through the sale or transfer of motor vehicles under special circumstances (i.e. those reported as salvage or abandoned). This workgroup has a threefold mission:

  • To protect Virginia consumers
  • To maintain a level playing field among Virginia businesses having a connection to the transportation, auto recycling, and motor fuel industries
  • To ensure transportation revenues are collected in a fair and efficient manner

Commercial Carrier and Tax Enforcement Unit

Commercial Carrier and Tax Enforcement (CC&TE) is responsible for compliance with laws governing commercial passenger and property carriers as well as taxation of motor fuels. In addition, CC&TE supports DMV's mobile weigh crews and the Virginia State Police commercial vehicle safety program.

This group includes special agents strategically deployed over three geographic regions. Examples of tasks performed by CC&TE are:

  • Investigation of complaints lodged against carriers
  • Inspection of for-hire transportation concerns
  • Addressing unlicensed operators
  • Enforcing laws prohibiting use of untaxed motor fuels in highway vehicles
  • Inspection of businesses that hold a motor fuels tax license
  • Investigation into fuels tax evasion and avoidance
  • Enforcing road tax surcharges imposed on commercial carriers
  • Supporting DMV mobile weigh crews in the field
  • Performing safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles under guidelines mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Special Inspections Group

The Special Inspections Group (SIG) is primarily responsible for the oversight of businesses that focus on recycling motor vehicles and/or motor vehicle parts. SIG also is responsible for ensuring the integrity of titles issued by DMV for salvage, abandoned, and demolished motor vehicles. In addition, SIG is frequently called upon to assist other law enforcement agencies to identify motor vehicles without an assigned vehicle identification number (VIN) or a VIN that has been altered.

This group includes special agents strategically deployed throughout Virginia. Examples of tasks performed by SIG are:

  • Examination of vehicles acquired as salvage that are repaired or rebuilt to ensure that stolen parts were not used
  • Verification of vehicle identification numbers as required by law
  • Enforcement of laws pertaining to motor vehicle salvage and recycling
  • Investigation into complaints lodged against salvage dealers, salvage pools, demolishers, and vehicle removal operators
  • Inspection of licensed businesses referred to in the preceding bullet
  • Investigation into complaint about title integrity
  • Addressing unlicensed businesses
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Operations Support Services

Operations Support Services (OSS) is the point of contact for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States that need assistance as well as for citizens who want to submit complaints requesting investigations into alleged violations of the laws of the Commonwealth, with special emphasis on DMV-related issues. OSS performs first line analysis of those cases, referrals, and inquiries that come to LED from inside and outside DMV.

OSS personnel handle matters such as requests to expunge records, stolen vehicle hits that are encountered during the mechanics/storage lien process, photo mismatches indicating possible identity theft, background investigations of prospective employees, as well as numerous other tasks. OSS personnel also monitor DMV Law Enforcement's digital radio system (STARS), maintaining communications with special agents assigned to all parts of the Commonwealth.

OSS special agents provide a law enforcement presence for DMV headquarters and are trained and prepared to respond to emergent incidents, including crimes of violence, medical emergencies, and weather-related emergencies. Special Agents assigned to OSS also conduct special investigations as needed and participate in protection details for government officials.

OSS also oversees the contractors who provide physical security at 34 CSCs and the DMV headquarters building in Richmond. All security personnel maintain training on advanced life saving measures, such as first aid and CPR, to ensure that they are able to protect and assist more than 1,800 DMV employees and more than 100,000 customers who visit DMV facilities during the 63 hours that CSCs are open each week. Security is present at DMV headquarters 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

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