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Invoice Payments - ACH Debit

When the ACH Debit option is utilized, DMV requires, for the customer's protection, that an Authorization be completed by the Company. This Authorization allows DMV to debit funds from the Company's bank account(s) for taxes and fees due. Please see Authorization forms that are enclosed. All bank information submitted to DMV will be kept in a secure database for the Company's protection. DMV, through its Originating Bank, will initiate ACH pre-notifications to verify the Transit/Routing Number and Account Number of the Company's account(s). The verification process will require six (6) business days during which time no live ACH Debits will be transmitted to the Company's account(s). Hence, no transactions utilizing the ACH Debit payment option will be completed during the period for the verification process.

After the six-day verification has been completed, the Company may request DMV to debit its account(s) for payment. When the transaction is requested, DMV will initiate an ACH Debit through its bank to transfer the required payment. If necessary, each debit will be presented to the customer's bank twice. If the debit is not successful, the Company will be notified to make alternative payment arrangements.

Note that ACH rules require that a bank provide its customer with a notice of an ACH Debit to the customer's account within two banking days of the transaction. The Company may want to make arrangements with its bank to ensure that the bank is capable of complying with the two-day notice requirement. If your Company's bank indicates that they are unable to provide this two-day notice, they should be instructed to contact the regional ACH Association (EastPay, Inc in Virginia) for assistance in interpreting and printing this notice information. Also, the Company may want to verify with its bank that its account(s) does (do) not have any feature that will automatically block debit transactions. In addition, the Company should always retain a copy of the DMV transaction in order to reconcile monthly.

ACH Credit is not an option for Invoice payments.

Additional Link:
ACH Authorization Package (FMS310)

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