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DL1Ppdf icon Driver's License and Identification Card Application Use this form to apply for a Virginia Driver's License or Identification Card.
FMS 210pdf icon Application for Vehicle Registration Refund Use this form to request a refund of the DMV registration fee when vehicle tags are returned to DMV before expiration and with at least 6 months remaining on the registration.
ISD 01pdf icon Address Change Request Use this form to notify DMV of your most current correct address or addresses.
MED 10pdf icon Disabled Parking Placards or License Plate Application Use this form to apply for disabled parking placards or license plates.
SUT 1pdf icon Vehicle Price Certification (Bill of Sale) This form is used by individuals (not motor vehicle dealers) to certify the purchase price of a motor vehicle more than 5 years old in order to obtain a vehicle title.
VSA 10pdf icon License Plate Application Use this form to request souvenir, standard, personalized, or special license plates.
VSA 14pdf icon Application for Registration Use this form to apply for registration of your vehicle.
VSA 17apdf icon Application for Certificate of Title and Registration Use this form to apply for a title and/or to register a passenger vehicle, truck, motor home (RV), or for-hire vehicle.
VSA 66pdf icon Application for Lien Use this form to apply for a supplemental lien, lien transfer, replacement title certificate or substitute title certificate.
VSA 70pdf icon Power of Attorney- Ownership of Motor Vehicle A vehicle owner uses this form to appoint an individual power of attorney to sign for the owner when registering and/or transferring ownership of a motor vehicle.


DMV 2pdf icon VA Motorcycle Driver's Manual This publication provides essential safe driving information for motorcyclists - beginning riders as well as those with more experience.
DMV 39 VA Driver's Manual This publication provides all of the information needed to obtain a Virginia driver's license.
DMV 60pdf icon VA Commercial Driver's Manual This publication provides information for obtaining a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Virginia. The CDL general knowledge exam contains questions that have been selected from this manual.
DMV 115pdf icon Moving Violation and Points Assessment This publication list the traffic violations that have demerit points assigned to them.
DMV 141pdf icon Obtaining a Virginia Driver's License or Identification (ID) Card This publication identifies the documents needed to apply for a driver's license, learner's permit, commercial driver's license (CDL), or CDL instruction permit.
DMV 177pdf icon Acceptable Documents for Individual Titling a Vehicle This publication identifies the documents needed to title a vehicle in Virginia.
VSA 86pdf icon Secure a Virginia Title and Transfer or Buy License Plates This publication provides information for titling a motor vehicle and purchasing license plates.


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pdf icon CRD 01
Request for Vehicle Information by a Prospective PurchaserUse this form to request vehicle information by prospective purchasers.
pdf icon CRD 93
Information RequestUse this form to request driver records/transcripts, vehicle records/transcripts, and crash reports from DMV records.
pdf icon CSMA 14
Customer Concern ReportA DMV customer uses this form to express concerns about groups outside of DMV facilities.
pdf icon CSMA 19
In-Car Maneuvers Observation RecordDrivers age 19 and older who have been issued a learner's permit but do not complete a Virginia approved driver training course and qualifying home-schooled students use this form to verify the observance and completion of safe driving maneuvers before applying to take the road skills test at DMV.
pdf icon DI 14
Curriculum Vendor ApplicationUse this form to apply for DMV Approval to offer driver improvement courses.
pdf icon DI 15
Driver Improvement Clinic License Application Use this form to apply for a driver improvement clinic license.
pdf icon DI 17
Driver Improvement Clinic Classroom Instruction Attendance RosterUse this form to document instructor and student attendance.
pdf icon DI 505
Driver Improvement Clinic Instructor License ApplicationUse this form to apply for a Driver Improvement Clinic instructor's license.
pdf icon DL 1P
Driver's License and ID Card ApplicationUse this form to apply for a Virginia Driver's License or Identification Card.
pdf icon DL 1PA
Supplemental Driver's Licensing History SheetA Commercial Driver License (CDL) applicant transferring to Virginia from out-of-state uses this form to record all driver's licenses issued in the past 10 years. Applicants for a CDL renewal or reissue complete this form only if a driver's license history check has not been previously performed.
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pdf icon CSMA 01
Contact Information for Vital StatisticsThis publication lists contacts to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate.
pdf icon CSMA 22
Special ID Card Information SheetThis publication provides information on special identification cards for employees in state and local governments.
pdf icon DL 140
Vehicle Inspection Study Guide- Tractor TrailerThis publication provides information on the pre-trip inspection of tractor trailers.
pdf icon DL 141
Vehicle Inspection Study Guide - Straight Truck/School BusThis publication provides information on the pre-trip inspection of straight trucks/school buses.
pdf icon DL 142
Vehicle Inspection Study Guide - Coach/Transit BusThis publication provides information on the pre-trip inspection of coaches/transit buses.
pdf icon DL 143
Vehicle Inspection Study Guide - Combination VehiclesThis publication provides information on the pre-trip inspection of combination vehicles.
pdf icon DMV 2
Motorcycle Operator ManualThis publication provides essential safe driving information for motorcyclists - beginning riders as well as those with more experience.
pdf icon DMV 7
Virginia webCATThis publication describes the Virginia webCAT system - Virginia's electronic motor carrier solution.
pdf icon DMV 16
Parents in the Driver's SeatThis publication provides parents and guardians information on being involved in the first years of their teen's driving.
pdf icon DMV 25
Be an Online DealerThis publication provides information on becoming an online motor vehicle dealer.
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pdf icon LE 28
Retired Agent Application for Identification Card and Authorization to Carry a Concealed HandgunRetired and retiring sworn members of the DMV Law Enforcement Division use this form to request (1) issuance of a retired law enforcement officer photo ID card; (2) authorization to carry a concealed handgun pursuant to Va Code 18.2-308(B)(7) and/or (3) authorization to carry a concealed handgun in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 926(C).
pdf icon LE 104
Odometer Fraud ComplaintUse this form to request that DMV Law Enforcement investigate instances or suspected instances of vehicle odometer fraud
pdf icon LE 444
Fuel Inspection NoticeThis publication describes the Virginia Fuels Tax Act and use of dyed diesel fuel.
pdf icon LES 022A
Request for Repaired or Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle Examination Use this form to request an examination of a repaired or rebuilt salvage vehicle
pdf icon MCS 100
Motor Carrier Cover Fax SheetUse this form as the cover sheet to fax forms/documents to DMV, Motor Carrier Services.
pdf icon MCS 115
For-Hire Vehicles Registration RequestUse this form to confirm your operating authority certificate/permit status OR to request verification of operating authority certificate/permit status when applying for vehicle registration and license plates: (1) for passenger carrying or property carrying vehiclesbeing registered under another person's operating authority, or (2) when the passenger or property carrying vehicle is used inexempt operations.
pdf icon MCS 116
Motor Carrier Motor Vehicle Lease AgreementUse this form to execute a formal lease agreement per Virginia Code §§ 46.2-2001 and 46.2-2155 between a lessor (vehicle owner) and a lessee (owner of operating authority certificate or permit).
pdf icon MCS 148
Harvest Permit ApplicationUse this form to apply for a permit to operate a vehicle with out-of-state license plates in Virginia while under contract to harvest and/or haul crops to a storage house, packing plant, market or transportation terminal: - as an incidental part of harvesting operations - not to exceed a distance of 20 miles and - when the use is a seasonal operation
pdf icon MCTS 247
Motor Carrier GuidelinesThis publication contains guidelines for interstate carriers applying for the International Registration Plan (IRP), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA), and for intrastate carriers applying for For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority.
pdf icon MCTS 270
Individual Vehicle Mileage and Fuel ReportUse this form to record mileage and fuel used for a trip or day of activity for a single vehicle.
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