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This list presents all of Virginia's plates beginning with "". You may click an underlined selection to see a picture of the plate and detailed information.

Plates are listed alphabetically

173rd Airborne Plate
173rd Airborne


Air Force Cross Plate
Air Force Cross

Air Force Reserve Plate
Air Force Reserve

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Plate
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Alpha Phi Alpha Plate
Alpha Phi Alpha

Amateur Radio Plate
Amateur Radio

American National University Plate
American National University

Animal Friendly Plate
Animal Friendly

Antique Veh-Black Bkground Plate
Antique Veh-Black Bkground

Antique Veh-Yellow Bkground Plate
Antique Veh-Yellow Bkground

Appalachian Trail Plate
Appalachian Trail

Apportioned (IRP) Plate
Apportioned (IRP)

Apportioned Permanent (IRP) Plate
Apportioned Permanent (IRP)

Army Plate

Army (Motorcycle) Plate
Army (Motorcycle)

Army Reserve Plate
Army Reserve

Association of Realtors Plate
Association of Realtors

Auburn University Plate
Auburn University

Averett University Plate
Averett University

Aviation Enthusiasts Plate
Aviation Enthusiasts

Bicycle Enthusiasts Plate
Bicycle Enthusiasts

Blue Ridge Community College Plate
Blue Ridge Community College

Blue Ridge Parkway Plate
Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Plate
Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle

Bluefield College Plate
Bluefield College

Boat US Plate
Boat US

Bowler Plate

Breast Cancer Foundation-VA Plate
Breast Cancer Foundation-VA

Bridgewater College Plate
Bridgewater College

Bronze Star Plate
Bronze Star

Bronze Star Motorcycle Plate
Bronze Star Motorcycle

Bronze Star Valor Plate
Bronze Star Valor

Butterfly Heritage Plate
Butterfly Heritage

Chesapeake Bay Plate
Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake City Plate
Chesapeake City

Choose Life Plate
Choose Life

Chosin Reservoir Survivor Plate
Chosin Reservoir Survivor

Christopher Newport University Plate
Christopher Newport University

Citadel University Plate
Citadel University

Class J No. 611 Steam Locomotv Plate
Class J No. 611 Steam Locomotv

Clean Special Fuel Plate
Clean Special Fuel

Clean Special Fuel (For Hire) Plate
Clean Special Fuel (For Hire)

Clemson University Plate
Clemson University

Coast Guard Plate
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Auxiliary Plate
Coast Guard Auxiliary

Coast Guard Reserve Plate
Coast Guard Reserve

College of William & Mary Plate
College of William & Mary

College of William & Mary - Athletic Plate
College of William & Mary - Athletic

Colonial Williamsburg Plate
Colonial Williamsburg

Combat Infantryman Plate
Combat Infantryman

Credit Unions Plate
Credit Unions

Cure Childhood Cancer Plate
Cure Childhood Cancer

Cure Childhood Cancer Motorcycle Plate
Cure Childhood Cancer Motorcycle

Dabney S Lancaster Com College Plate
Dabney S Lancaster Com College

Danville Community College Plate
Danville Community College

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Plate
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Desert Shield/Storm Veteran Plate
Desert Shield/Storm Veteran

Diabetes Plate

Disabled Veteran Plate
Disabled Veteran

Disabled Veteran Motorcycle Plate
Disabled Veteran Motorcycle

Distinguished Flying Cross Plate
Distinguished Flying Cross

Distinguished Service Cross Plate
Distinguished Service Cross

Don't Tread On Me Plate
Don't Tread On Me

Don't Tread On Me Motorcycle Plate
Don't Tread On Me Motorcycle

Don't Tread On Me Truck Plate
Don't Tread On Me Truck

Drive Smart Plate
Drive Smart

Ducks Unlimited Plate
Ducks Unlimited

Duke University Plate
Duke University

East Carolina University Plate
East Carolina University

Eastern Mennonite University Plate
Eastern Mennonite University

Eastern Shore Plate
Eastern Shore

Eastern Virginia Med School Plate
Eastern Virginia Med School

Elon College Plate
Elon College

Emory & Henry College Plate
Emory & Henry College

Enduring Freedom Veteran Plate
Enduring Freedom Veteran

Equipment Plate

Fairfax City Plate
Fairfax City

Family/Children Fund - Hand Plate
Family/Children Fund - Hand

Family/Children Fund - Heart Plate
Family/Children Fund - Heart

Family/Children Fund - Star Plate
Family/Children Fund - Star

Family/Children Fund-Kids 1st Plate
Family/Children Fund-Kids 1st

Farm Vehicle Plate
Farm Vehicle

Farm Vehicle Permanent Plate
Farm Vehicle Permanent

Ferrum College Plate
Ferrum College

Fight Terrorism Plate
Fight Terrorism

Fight Terrorism Motorcycle Plate
Fight Terrorism Motorcycle

Firefighter (volunteer) Plate
Firefighter (volunteer)

Florida State University Plate
Florida State University

Former Prisoner of War Plate
Former Prisoner of War

Fox Hunting License Plate Plate
Fox Hunting License Plate

Fraternal Order of Police Plate
Fraternal Order of Police

Freemason Plate

Friends of Coal Plate
Friends of Coal

Friends of Coal Motorcycle Plate
Friends of Coal Motorcycle

Friends of Tibet Plate
Friends of Tibet

George Mason Univ. Patriots Plate
George Mason Univ. Patriots

George Mason University Plate
George Mason University

George Washington University Plate
George Washington University

Georgetown University Plate
Georgetown University

Georgia Tech Plate
Georgia Tech

Germanna Community College Plate
Germanna Community College

Gold Star Plate
Gold Star

Great Seal Plate
Great Seal

Great Seal For Hire Plate
Great Seal For Hire

Greyhound Adopt Plate
Greyhound Adopt

Hampden-Sydney College Plate
Hampden-Sydney College

Hampton University Plate
Hampton University

Harley Davidson Owners Group Plate
Harley Davidson Owners Group

Harley Owners Group Motorcycle Plate
Harley Owners Group Motorcycle

Heritage - State Bird Plate
Heritage - State Bird

Hollins University Plate
Hollins University

Home Education Plate
Home Education

Horse Enthusiasts Plate
Horse Enthusiasts

In God We Trust Plate
In God We Trust

In God We Trust Motorcycle Plate
In God We Trust Motorcycle

Internet Capital Plate
Internet Capital

Iraqi Freedom Veteran Plate
Iraqi Freedom Veteran

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community Plate
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community

James Madison Univ. Athletic Plate
James Madison Univ. Athletic

James Madison University Seal Plate
James Madison University Seal

James River Park System Plate
James River Park System

James River Park System Motorcycle Plate
James River Park System Motorcycle

Jefferson Col of Health Sci Plate
Jefferson Col of Health Sci

John Tyler Community College Plate
John Tyler Community College

Kappa Alpha Psi Plate
Kappa Alpha Psi

Kids Eat Free Plate
Kids Eat Free

Knights of Columbus Plate
Knights of Columbus

Korean War Veteran Plate
Korean War Veteran

Law Officers Mem. Motorcycle Plate
Law Officers Mem. Motorcycle

Law Officers Memorial Plate
Law Officers Memorial

Legion of Valor of the USA Plate
Legion of Valor of the USA

Liberty University Plate
Liberty University

Lighthouses (Virginia) Plate
Lighthouses (Virginia)

Lions of Virginia Plate
Lions of Virginia

Longwood University Plate
Longwood University

Lord Fairfax Community College Plate
Lord Fairfax Community College

Low Speed Standard Plate Plate
Low Speed Standard Plate

Lynchburg College Plate
Lynchburg College

Marine Corps - Semper Fidelis Plate
Marine Corps - Semper Fidelis

Marine Corps League Plate
Marine Corps League

Marine Corps Motorcycle Plate
Marine Corps Motorcycle

Marine Corps Reserve Plate
Marine Corps Reserve

Marshall University Plate
Marshall University

Mary Baldwin College Plate
Mary Baldwin College

Marymount University Plate
Marymount University

Moped Plate

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Plate
Most Worshipful Prince Hall

Motorcycle Plate

Motorcycle Antique (blk/wht) Plate
Motorcycle Antique (blk/wht)

Motorcycle Antique (yellow) Plate
Motorcycle Antique (yellow)

Mountain Empire Community Coll Plate
Mountain Empire Community Coll

NASA Langley Research Center Plate
NASA Langley Research Center

NC State University Plate
NC State University

National Air & Space Museum Plate
National Air & Space Museum

National Guard Plate
National Guard

National Guard Retired Plate
National Guard Retired

National Rifle Association Plate
National Rifle Association

Natural Bridge Plate
Natural Bridge

Naval Aviator Plate
Naval Aviator

Navy Cross Plate
Navy Cross

Navy Reserve Plate
Navy Reserve

Newport News Shipbuilding Plate
Newport News Shipbuilding

Non Apportioned Bus Plate
Non Apportioned Bus

Nonemergency Medical Transport For Hire Plate
Nonemergency Medical Transport For Hire

Norfolk State University Plate
Norfolk State University

Northern Neck Plate
Northern Neck

Northern Virginia Com College Plate
Northern Virginia Com College

Oceana Naval Air Station Plate
Oceana Naval Air Station

Ohio State University Plate
Ohio State University

Old Dominion University Plate
Old Dominion University

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Plate
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Order of The Eastern Star Plate
Order of The Eastern Star

Organ Donor Plate
Organ Donor

Organ Donor Motorcycle Plate
Organ Donor Motorcycle

Parrothead Motorcycle Plate
Parrothead Motorcycle

Parrotheads Plate

Passenger For Hire Plate
Passenger For Hire

Passenger Standard Issue Plate
Passenger Standard Issue

Patrick Henry Com College Plate
Patrick Henry Com College

Paul D Camp Community College Plate
Paul D Camp Community College

Peace Plate

Peace Begins at Home Plate
Peace Begins at Home

Pearl Harbor Survivor Plate
Pearl Harbor Survivor

Penn State University Plate
Penn State University

Piedmont Virginia Com College Plate
Piedmont Virginia Com College

Poquoson City Plate
Poquoson City

Professional Firefighter-Int'l Plate
Professional Firefighter-Int'l

Professional Firefighter-Int'l Motorcycle Plate
Professional Firefighter-Int'l Motorcycle

Protect Pollinators Plate
Protect Pollinators

Purple Heart Plate
Purple Heart

Purple Heart Motorcyle Plate
Purple Heart Motorcyle

Radford University Plate
Radford University

Randolph College Plate
Randolph College

Randolph Macon Col - Sch Seal Plate
Randolph Macon Col - Sch Seal

Randolph Macon Col-Yellow Jack Plate
Randolph Macon Col-Yellow Jack

Regent University Plate
Regent University

Rescue Squad Plate
Rescue Squad

Roanoke College Plate
Roanoke College

Robert E. Lee Plate
Robert E. Lee

Rotary International Plate
Rotary International

Rutgers University Plate
Rutgers University

Scenic (Mountain to Seashore) Plate
Scenic (Mountain to Seashore)

Scenic Autumn Plate
Scenic Autumn

Scenic For Hire Plate
Scenic For Hire

Scenic Motorcycle Plate
Scenic Motorcycle

Scenic Patriot Plate
Scenic Patriot

Shenandoah National Park Plate
Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park Motorcycle Plate
Shenandoah National Park Motorcycle

Shenandoah University Plate
Shenandoah University

Shriner Plate

Silver Star Plate
Silver Star

Smith Mountain Lake Plate
Smith Mountain Lake

Sons of Confederate Veterans Plate
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Confederate Veterans - Motorcycle Plate
Sons of Confederate Veterans - Motorcycle

Special Forces Association Plate
Special Forces Association

Support Our Troops Plate
Support Our Troops

Surfrider Foundation Plate
Surfrider Foundation

Sweet Briar College Plate
Sweet Briar College

Taxi (For Hire) Plate
Taxi (For Hire)

Taxi Permanent (For Hire) Plate
Taxi Permanent (For Hire)

Texas A & M University Plate
Texas A & M University

Tidewater Community College Plate
Tidewater Community College

Tobacco Heritage Plate
Tobacco Heritage

Tobacco Heritage Truck Plate
Tobacco Heritage Truck

Tow Truck  For Hire Permanent Plate
Tow Truck For Hire Permanent

Tow Truck (For Hire) Plate
Tow Truck (For Hire)

Tractor For Hire Plate
Tractor For Hire

Tractor For Hire Permanent Plate
Tractor For Hire Permanent

Tractor Private Plate
Tractor Private

Tractor Private Permanent Plate
Tractor Private Permanent

Trailer Plate

Trailer Permanent Plate
Trailer Permanent

Trailer Rental Plate
Trailer Rental

Trailer-Small Permanent Plate
Trailer-Small Permanent

Truck For Hire Plate
Truck For Hire

Truck For Hire Permanent Plate
Truck For Hire Permanent

Truck Private Plate
Truck Private

Truck Private Permanent Plate
Truck Private Permanent

Truck/Tractor Rental Plate
Truck/Tractor Rental

Truck/Tractor Rental Permanent Plate
Truck/Tractor Rental Permanent

Trust Women, Respect Choice Plate
Trust Women, Respect Choice

U.S. 3rd Infantry Regiment Plate
U.S. 3rd Infantry Regiment

UNC Tar Heels Plate
UNC Tar Heels

USS Cole Plate
USS Cole

United States Air Force Academy Plate
United States Air Force Academy

United States Military Academy Plate
United States Military Academy

United States Naval Academy Plate
United States Naval Academy

United We Stand Plate
United We Stand

United We Stand Motorcycle Plate
United We Stand Motorcycle

Univ of Virginia - Athletic Plate
Univ of Virginia - Athletic

Univ of Virginia - Rotunda Plate
Univ of Virginia - Rotunda

Univ of Virginia - Wise Plate
Univ of Virginia - Wise

Univ of Virginia V-sabre Plate
Univ of Virginia V-sabre

University of Florida Plate
University of Florida

University of Mary Washington Plate
University of Mary Washington

University of Maryland Plate
University of Maryland

University of Michigan Plate
University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame Plate
University of Notre Dame

University of Richmond - Crest Plate
University of Richmond - Crest

University of Richmond - Spider Plate
University of Richmond - Spider

University of South Carolina Plate
University of South Carolina

Unlocking Autism Plate
Unlocking Autism

Veteran Armed Forces Plate
Veteran Armed Forces

Veteran Armed Forces Motorcycle Plate
Veteran Armed Forces Motorcycle

Veterans of Foreign Wars Plate
Veterans of Foreign Wars

Vietnam Veteran Plate
Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam Veterans of America Plate
Vietnam Veterans of America

Villanova University Plate
Villanova University

Virginia Agriculture Plate
Virginia Agriculture

Virginia Beach City Plate
Virginia Beach City

Virginia Commonwealth - Ram Plate
Virginia Commonwealth - Ram

Virginia Commonwealth - Seal Plate
Virginia Commonwealth - Seal

Virginia Defense Force Plate
Virginia Defense Force

Virginia For The Arts Plate
Virginia For The Arts

Virginia Highlands Com College Plate
Virginia Highlands Com College

Virginia Military Insitute Plate
Virginia Military Insitute

Virginia Society of CPAs Plate
Virginia Society of CPAs

Virginia State University Plate
Virginia State University

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech "VT"

Virginia Tech - Go Hokies Plate
Virginia Tech - Go Hokies

Virginia Tech - School Seal Plate
Virginia Tech - School Seal

Virginia Union University Plate
Virginia Union University

Virginia Wesleyan College Plate
Virginia Wesleyan College

Virginia Western Community College Plate
Virginia Western Community College

Washington & Lee University Plate
Washington & Lee University

Washington Capitals Plate
Washington Capitals

Washington Nationals Plate
Washington Nationals

Washington Redskins Plate
Washington Redskins

West Virginia University Plate
West Virginia University

Wildflower Plate

Wildlife Bass Plate
Wildlife Bass

Wildlife Bear Plate
Wildlife Bear

Wildlife Bluebird Plate
Wildlife Bluebird

Wildlife Brook Trout Plate
Wildlife Brook Trout

Wildlife Eagle Plate
Wildlife Eagle

Wildlife Mallard Plate
Wildlife Mallard

Wildlife Turkey Plate
Wildlife Turkey

Wildlife Whitetail Deer Plate
Wildlife Whitetail Deer

World War II Veteran Plate
World War II Veteran

Plates in Development

Alpha Phi Omega Plate
Alpha Phi Omega

Dickinson College Plate
Dickinson College

Sigma Chi Plate
Sigma Chi

US Air Force Academy Plate
US Air Force Academy

University of Central Florida Plate
University of Central Florida

University of Kentucky Plate
University of Kentucky

University of South Carolina Plate
University of South Carolina

Vanderbilt University Plate
Vanderbilt University

Vienna, Town of Plate
Vienna, Town of

Wake Forest Plate
Wake Forest

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