Now That You Are Qualified

After becoming associated with a licensed motor vehicle dealer apply for your license as soon as possible. Once you are associated with a licensed dealership, the quickest way to complete the licensing process is to either deliver or send the application materials and payment directly to the Dealer Services Work Center. You may send the materials by overnight mail with a prepaid return, or you can visit our office to receive the license in person. Please note that your "Certificate of Qualification" is not a license to sell vehicles. Prospective salespersons must be licensed in the name of a dealership before they can sell.

While your license application is being processed, you may begin on-the-job training. You are permitted to greet customers, show and test drive vehicles with potential customers. However, you may not initiate or enter into negotiations for the sale of the vehicle, nor receive a commission for its sale. Many potential licensees have found observing licensed and experience dealer and sales staff as a means of avoiding mistakes down the road. Once your application is approved and sent to you at the dealership where you are employed, then you may sell vehicles for which you are licensed.